Nikki is knowledgeable, a great writer and overall very easy to work and communicate with. I worked with Nikki when I was editor-in-chief for Sweden’s biggest musician’s magazine and she was a freelance writer with us. Nikki made a number of great interviews with people like Lamont Dozier, Andrew Scheps, Tal Wilkenfeld and Zakk Wylde. She always seemed to connect well with the people interviewed, because she always delivered excellent material in a timely manner. 

I have previously recommended her for other jobs, and people have always come back to me to say thanks for connecting them to Nikki. I hope and believe our paths will cross again in the future.

Henrik Anderson Vogel, Senior Project Manager at Signal to Noise Marketing

I had the pleasure of being the acquisitions editor on Nikki O’Neill’s book Women’s Road to Rock Guitar. Although this was her first book, she was thorough and timely with each step of the process. Any time there was a deadline to be met, she would beat it. Nikki always knew the right questions to ask, and her demeanor was always professional and pleasant, even when rewrites were involved. She is also a very skilled guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist.

Link Harnsberger, former VP, Editor-in-chief, Alfred Music

I probably have less of a clue how to write a testimonial than I have writing an artist bio, which is why I turned to Nikki O'Neill. But here is the TL/DR version - hire her!

This album's PR campaign is the first time I've had an actual PR budget, and the bio is a strong cornerstone in the house we're building. Workflow couldn't have been easier. I filled out my publicist's Q&A form and passed it on to Nikki along with past reviews, pull-quotes and a one-sheet with bullet points of things I'd like to emphasize about me as an artist, and about this album in particular. How she made it sing on the page without coming off as aggrandizing is really impressive. I can't help but feel that her own PR campaigns as an artist inform and enlighten what she brings to the page.  

All communication was clear, realistic in terms of having a busy schedule, and what my expectations should be. Really a great experience, and a happy customer here.

Christopher Lockett, Americana artist, journalist, cinematographer

Nikki O'Neill is a gifted writer, artist and a true professional. From the moment we met to work on my bio, I felt she heard and understood what I was looking for, as evidenced by the end result. She listened and heard me on all points that I felt were important to me and that I wanted included to truly reflect me, my music and my life. 

She was patient with the entire process, and was easy to work with. She honored all of my requests to render an absolutely brilliant final product, and I understand why so many have recommended her as I have received the benefit of her experience, knowledge and skill myself. She is truly a talented human being motivated to help others achieve all that they can in their chosen craft.

Ian Gothe, Recording Artist

As the production editor for Nikki’s book, Women’s Road to Rock Guitar, I had the opportunity to work closely with her. She was a very dedicated and responsible colleague, who always pulled her weight. She met deadlines, was speedy and flawless in her acquisition of necessary assets, and was very thorough in her work. She did a great job organizing and writing her project, and proved herself to be a strong educator and guitarist. It was a pleasure working with her!

Nathaniel Gunod, former Production Editor, Alfred Music

GREAT article! Rarely do writers get it right you sure did. Teenie would have been really happy with this.

Martin Shore, Director and Producer, Take Me to the River

Nikki O'Neill is a great communicator and a great listener. She's so much fun to work with because she is fully present and wants to get it right. 

She has high work standards and with her talent she always hits the mark. I hope to work with her in the future on many things to come. I'm grateful to have her on my team.

Tawny Ellis, Recording Artist

Such a pleasure to work with Nikki O’Neill, gifted with music and words. She translated our book Songwriting: Get Your Black Belt in Music & Lyrics from our Swedish original, and also interviewed the legendary Motown songwriter Lamont Dozier. Looking forward to collaborating further. Nikki is effective, meticulous and eager to maintain direct and transparent communication. A true professional.

Johan Wåhlander,

Working with Nikki on my bio was great. She asked me exactly what I wanted, had me answer a questionnaire, and whipped up something very groovy in no time. We went over it for fine tuning and I had exactly what I needed — fast. The whole thing was a pleasure. I would easily recommend her to anyone, she’s terrific.

Bart Ryan, Recording Artist and Producer