Tawny Ellis (Singer-Songwriter, Independent)

In 2021, I wrote a bio for Tawny Ellis, a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles who released an anniversary edition of her album I to You as a follow-up to her critically acclaimed album, Love Life.


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Ian Gothe (Singer-Songwriter, Blackbird Record Label)

In 2021, I wrote this bio on Ian Gothe, a singer-songwriter and virtuoso classical guitarist in Los Angeles, who released his single, Upside Down, on Blackbird Record Label.


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Bart Ryan (Singer-Songwriter & Session Guitarist, Blackbird Record Label)

In 2020, I wrote this bio on Bart Ryan, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and session guitarist who released his album, Starlight and Tall Tales, on Blackbird Record Label.


Son Vo (Singer-Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist, Independent)

In 2020, I also wrote a bio and a short bio for Son Vo, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and key figure on the Los Angeles jam band scene.


Short bio (for his home page and social media):


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